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Olinka Broadfoot, Sculptor/Painter

 3291 SE 178th Ave., Portland, Oregon 97236

Phone # 513-307-0325              


Born:  Prague, Czech Republic, 1944

Formative years: Argentina and New York

Attended: University of Utah, Brigham Young University and University of Oregon. Studied with Weltzin Blix who was a student of Jan Zach (my mentor)

1987-1989-Sculpture Assistantship, Lane Community College, Eugene, Oregon, USA

Grants, Awards, Residencies:

2016- commission:  a portrait of Heimo Scheuch.

2015- Gateway Community College, Phoenix, Arizona, “Visiting Artist”

2015- 3 months in Stod, CZ

2015- Puyallup, Washington outdoor sculpture

2015- San Juan Island Sculpture Park, bronze sculpture

2014- 3 months in Stod, CZ

2013- 3 months in Stod, CZ

2012- Major outside wall installation in Stod, CZ

2012- 4 month residency, TONDACH, Stod, CZ

2011- 4 months residency, TONDACH, Stod, CZ

2010-12 Gallery Without Walls, Lake Oswego, Oregon

2010- three month residency, TONDACH, Prague, CZ. ( Tondach has become my patron providing a studio, apt and all materials)

2007-2009- residency, TONDACH, CZ

2006-2007-Rising Sun, Indiana, Art Stipend. USA

2006-Three-month Residency, TONDACH, Prague, CZ

2005- Best of Show, KHAC, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

2005-Four-month Residency, TONDACH, Prague, CZ

2004-Vogelstein Foundation Art Grant, NY, USA

2002-2003- William Steeple Davis Trust, Yearlong Artist-residency Grant, Orient, NY, USA

2002-Three-month Residency, TONDACH, Prague, CZ

2000-Vogelstein Foundation Grant, NY, USA

1991-Hakone Open Air Museum, Tokyo, Japan

1987-National Juried Art Competition, Certificate of Merit, USA

1983-OSU Art Competition, Best of Show, Oregon, USA

Selected Public Commissions:

2015- Memorial Sculpture of Jan Zach placed on the house he was born in.                     Slany, Czech Republic

2014-Lake Oswego, Gallery Without Walls, Portland, USA

2014- San Juan Island Sculpture Park, Washington, USA

2013- San Juan Island Sculpture Park

2013- Lake Oswego Gallery Without Walls

2012- Outdoor Wall Installation in Stod, CZ

2012- Beginning a Sculpture Park in Stod, CZ

2012-Portrait sculpture for Sue Parker, Portland, Or. USA

2012- Lake Oswego Gallery Without Walls (on People’s Choice Award)

2012- Portrait sculpture for Christopher Luna. Washington, USA

2011- Sculpture installed at Stod, CZ

2010-sculpture park in Prague, CZ completed

2009-Relief , Cabai, Hungary

2008- 3 sculptures, bought by TONDACH,  Austria

2008- benches and 8 sculptures added to sculpture park (TONDACH), CZ

2007-Driftwood Sculpture, Rising Sun Tourism, Indiana, USA

2006- Installed sculpture of John Lennon on the “Lennon Wall” Mala Strana, Prague, CZ

2006-Established a sculpture park at TONDACH, CZ (installed 20 sculptures.)

2006-TONDACH entryway Totems, Prague, CZ

2006-Outdoor Historical Murals, Rising Sun, Indiana, USA

2005-Brick Wall Relief, Tondach, CZ

2005-Driftwood Garden Sculpture, KHAC, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

2005-Abstract Steel Outdoor Sculpture, Denver Siekman Environmental Park, Rising Sun, Indiana, USA

2004-Sculpture, Orient Congregational Church, NY, USA

2002-Saint Anthony (Sculpture) installed in 16th Century Roadside Chapel, Bechyne, CZ

1998-STP TELECOM Public collection (five paintings) Pardubice, CZ

1997-“Flame of Life” (sculpture) Connecticut Natural Gas Corp. Corporate HQ, Hartford, USA

1991-“Madonna and Child” (sculpture) All Saints Church, Bridgeport, West Virginia, USA

1989-“Kristos”(sculpture) Saint Francis Xavier Church, Birmingham, Alabama, USA

1989-“Saint Francis and the Wolf”(sculpture) Saint Elizabeth Hospital, Baker, Oregon, USA (installed in front of the hospital)

1988-Memorial (sculpture of) Jan Zach, Prague, CZ

1976- Wall Hanging (fiber) New Jersey Electric & Gas Co. Newark, NJ

Selected Private Commissions:

2014-Portrait Walt Whitman

2014- relief of Jan Zach installed on the house he was born in, Slany, CZ

2013- Portrait, Alec, portrait Dave Densmore

2011- Oil painting for M. Melko, Bridgeport, West Virginia, USA.

2010- Brick sculpture- Vienna, Austria

2009- Steel and brick out-door sculpture for Engineer Olbrich, CZ

2009- Portrait sculpture of Emil Holub, African explorer, placed in a Museum in Africa

2009- 2 sculptures, Dr. J. Donat, Prague, CZ

2008-Painted Steel sculpture for J. Nixon, Siesta Key, Florida,USA

2008-Portrait painting. (Ing. Ulbrich) Vienna, Austria

2007-Portrait Sculpture, Harold Watts, Greenport, NY, USA

2007-“Last Supper” (Painting) New Jersey, USA

2006- Bronze Memorial, Pittsburg, New Hampshire, USA

2006-Nursery Wall Murals, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

2005-Two paintings for A. Staton, Maui, Hawaii, USA

2005-Portrait Sculpture, Herb Herrick, Rising Sun, Indiana, USA

2004-Nursery Wall Murals, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

2003-Plaster Relief, Laura Lagou, Orient, NY, USA

2003-William Steeple Davis Portrait Sculpture, Orient, NY, USA

2002-Clay Relief, Ing. Petr Dusek, Prague, CZ

2001-Bronze Urns, Mr. & Mrs. W. Jearls, Fall Creek, Oregon, USA

2000-Bronze Bath, Sink Pedestal, Cast Glass Sink, Mirror and Towel Bars for S. Schumann, Portland,    

          Oregon, USA

2000-Plaster Relief, (architectural detail) residence of MR. & Mrs. M. Gunn, Carlsbad, California, USA

1997-8-Bronze Portrait sculpture of Jan Zach, for Judith Zach, Elmira, Oregon, USA

1995-Handrail (Beaten, welded copper) residence of Judith Zach, Elmira, Oregon, USA

1994-Room Divider (Beaten, welded copper) Mr. and Mrs. J. Broome, Fall Creek, Oregon, USA

1990- Welded Steel Gate, Unity Farm, Fall Creek, Oregon, USA

Selected Publications

2014- Slany, CZ

2014- Catalogue. Muzeum in Slany, CZ

2013- Photo of my sculpture of Lennon on the Lennon wall on: kampa.pps

2013- Song of Ourselves, 150 years of Walt Whitman, (A photograph of sculpture of Walt Whitman on cover and back created for this celebration.

2013- Featured artist in www.Inflectionism.com or http://inflectionism.com/previous.htm  Issue # 2

2012- Interview, Czech Radio Station

2012- American Robotnik , Portland, USA

2007- ART IN AMERICA Guide to Museums, Galleries and Artists

2007-Sculpture featured in: http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/vysilani/1097944695-nas-venkov-30556.html

2007-KERAMIKA A SKLO (Clay and Glass Magazine) Prague, CZ Interview

2007-DUCHOVKA (Magazine Interview) CZ

2005- The Register, Recorder and News, The Journal Press, Indiana, USA

2003-The Suffolk Times, Long Island, NY, USA

2003-Dan’s Papers, South Hampton, NY, USA

2003- Eugene Register Guard, Oregon, USA

2001- The New York Times, Art Review, (March) NY, USA

1998-BBC, Radio Interview, Prague, CZ

1998-Lidovych Noviny, Prague, CZ

1995-Prague Post, Interview by Alan Levy, Prague, CZ

1991- Hakone Open-Air Museum Catalogue, Tokyo, Japan (Terezin) (Oppression) piece chosen

1989- Arts East, Baker, Oregon, USA


Stod, CZ Sculptures

MindPower Gallery, Reedsport, Oregon (Ongoing)

Tondach Sculpture Park, Dolni Jircany, CZ

SanJuan Sculpture Park

Puyallup Sculpture Park