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artist statement

Who I am

Artist Statement

I am a sculptor and I paint.

My work is varied because life is varied and I create from at least three different cultural backgrounds. I work in a wide range of mediums, reflecting the language of whatever medium happens to be on hand. I enjoy the challenge. One medium releases the energy for the other.

I would like the viewer to see what I see. I want that “YES” moment.

The materials used, the process of creation, the artist behind the piece and the location where
the work is made all contribute toward the actualization of any given work of art. I enjoy seeing
how far I can push any given medium and I enjoy being forced to create within the material’s

I know a piece is good when I am no longer aware of myself while creating it.

I feel very, very lucky. I have been given the opportunity to work without
any outside pressure, to create whatever/whenever I needed/wanted to, without having to worry
about rent, materials and studio costs. This is not something that most artists get to do and I
doubt my work would be “mine” had it not been for that.

Why me?